2012-08-30 07:31:39 by catfor

I'm actually in research of Java Programming for development of nokia app, not for Android nor MacOS , may I'll in the future, but now I'm doing other stuff and art is part of that, in some weeks I'll upload something for a community of a friend called SecurityKnights xD



2012-03-06 06:53:05 by catfor

Hiya deear friends if you ever watch my profile and I must admit there's not so mucho but I'll try to do more, but for now I'm doing tutorials about java-programming Youtube Catfor :D

Who's watching me?

2011-02-05 11:28:59 by catfor

I'm not an active full user xD but at least I do what I can xD, I'm learning about programming ans systems security.... anyway, if anybody would like to be helped in a way with tips or something, i may can be useful 4 someone xD

here I'll leave a banner about the web of a friend of mine wich is really a security professional

<W A R C O R E / >

Who's watching me?


2010-01-06 16:16:10 by catfor

those who are cheking my profile, would you like to check my gallery? is in my site profile XD, If you want some draws of my style, aske me, I would like to make some more for people XD may to work in a collab sometime hehehe

A little self introduccion

2008-12-15 20:01:32 by catfor

I'm just posting something presentating myself...
I'm just a little guy that is an All in one XD
but hey, I have some skills drawin in traditional art and digital art.. and a little one in makin remix... hahahaha but you can judge my skills in visual art at..

I would like to participate in a collab XD or raise my skills drawing